Vincent Classic Motorcycle with a few mods

Vincent with a few mods like a big fuel tank


We houden je graag op de hoogte van ons laatste verhalen 😎

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  1. @sambo2566 I’ve owned both British and Japanese bikes. I loved them all, for different reasons. The only reason I would say British bikes are better, the Japanese bikes have no soul, no character. They’re sterile. I owned a pair of Boonies, same year, each had it’s own unique character. The one point we can all agree on, they’re BOTH better than American bikes!

  2. @lotuselanplus2s i was 16 in 1965 my first bike an ariel colt followed by a leader then an a7 this was my transport as an apprentice i spent all my spare time getting them to run long enough to get me to work the next week fed up with this i purchase a honda cb72, twin cylinder overhead cam electric start indicators ultra reliable light years ahead of any british bike i used it every day for the next ten years and still have it now

  3. @sambo2566 Well i can only speak for the ones i’ve restored,and they work like modern bikes,ok,so i’ve added a few extras,electronic igniton and Mikuni carbs but i’ve no problem using them every day,i’ve been riding them for the last 16 years and never a serious problem.

  4. @sambo2566 Well youve obviously had YOUR head up your ass for far too long,i ride my classics every day to and back from work (30 miles)and dont find them fragile if put together right.

  5. @lotuselanplus2s i agree with polskich if you withdrew your head from your ass and removed your rose tinted spectacles it would become clear that most british bikes of that era were fragile and unreliable

  6. @polskich Don’t make comments like this before you’ve had your morning coffee.Wake up first.

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