How To Kick Start A Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Classic Motorcycle With An Amal 930 Carb

Here’s how to kick start a Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Classic Motorcycle with an Amal 930 Carb. This bike runs well with the carb. It has a 200 main jet in it, and the bike has the louder factory muffler on it. Kick Starting this bike is a meditation- a prayer to the gods of speed. It makes me aware of all of the moving parts, the piston, the fuel, the electricity I’m sending through the coil. It really connects me with the motorcycle.


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  1. @sootty94 It doesn’t leak oil at the moment, but that could change at any time. You definitely have to keep up with the maintenance and be gentle with the throttle to keep a Royal Enfield Bullet running. I love this motorcycle.

  2. lovely bike seems complex, British design complicated in India
    still love it does it leak oil like a original

  3. Ah! This takes me back. I had a 1980 Classic model all through my high school. God I miss this bike! Fortunately, they are now going to have a dealer ship here in Canada so fianlly I can get my hands on one. Although, I think there have been changes made to it from what I am use too. Hopefully, they are not too drastic. Nice sounding bike tho!

  4. @jerryx2000 Mine is a 2001 l 4-speed Classic, kick-start only model. The new 2010 G5 Classic Royal Enfields have kick-starters, but they are fuel injected, so the starting procedure would be a little different. I haven’t had a chance to ride one yet, so I don’t know how different it would be.

  5. @jattonflv Wow! People don’t want the new technology on their Royal Enfield Bullets? I guess that makes sense. They know how to work on the old ones, but the new ones are more complicated. Sounds like you’ve got a great bike.

  6. i just bought a new 2010 royal enfield bullet 350 last month here in india,anyhow they have stopped producing efi models for a year cause the standard model with classic point ignition system is highly in demand have to wait upto six months to get his bike or pay the black to dealer if they want it soon.i have changed the handlebar( i put the classic one on it )and the same old original silencer & the xenon lamp for headlight this bike gives a special kind of attitude when you ride it

  7. bullet is maah life i m so lucky that i have two….one standard and other electra…..

  8. Bullets are now made in India, and yeah, they are really good. I think the new ones can go till 100 mph. The big disadvantage in the Bullet is it’s break. Takes forever to adjust, since the break is on left leg.

  9. @dirtyjew1974 I live at sea level and have gone into the low mountains with mine. Top safe sustained speed is around 55 mph on the older Bullet motorcycles. People do put sidecars on them, and they look great. I’d recommend getting a 2010 model for best performance. The engine is all-new, more reliable, fuel injected, EFI, and it can cruise a lot faster than the older ones. They start at $5,995. Resale value is pretty low, so you may want to look for a used one a year old. You’ll love it.

  10. my favorourite bike, I love these and i hope to get one someday! how do they do for riding in mtns or with the sidecars? I know top speed is only about 75 and that it may not be good to ride on an interstate but i really like these bikes!

  11. @mohawkdriver7 That’s the best comment I’ve seen yet. That’s exactly why I made the kick start video. I went through the same thing when I bought my bike from a guy who got it at an auction and couldn’t tell me how to start it. I’m glad I could help. Enjoy your Royal Enfield Bullet!

  12. I want to thank you so much for making this video! I Bought a ’96 Royal Enfield bullet 500ks in november, And have never been able to start it. Literally a minute after watching your video the bike started third kick! I definitely feel like more of a man now! HaHa!

  13. @arouninn The seat is made by Le Pera. It doesn’t have a model number on it, so I can’t tell you exactly what kind it is. They call the style of seat “Sprung Solo” on their website. The handlebar and rear mudguard are stock Royal Enfield items, which came from the factory. It is a 2001 model. The rear taillight is a smaller custom model, rather than the giant one on a stock Royal Enfield motorcycle. I don’t know where it came from.

  14. hello, plz tell me where can i buy the seat, handle bar and the rear mudguard u got? i want them badly, they luk grt fr a classic style.

  15. hello, plz tell me where can i buy the seat, handle bar and the rear mudguard u got? i want them badly, they luk grt fr a classic style.

  16. Free Motorcycle Manuals here. All Makes and Models – ** freemotorcyclemanuals (dot) net **

  17. @mistersingh1 Ha ha! Yes. If you are planning to rob a bank, I’d recommend a different bike. If you were to use the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 for a quick escape, you’d want to make sure it was totally warmed up, and that you left the cylinder in the correct starting position, in which case you could just jump on it, kick it and go, but it would still be a lot slower than the police cars, and too loud to sneak away from them down a side street.

  18. If you need to get away from the police and you need to start this thing, lol 😛

  19. it was just dumb to use the phrase “as you can see” for the engines temperature .

  20. Ha ha! Actually I’m happy, but I appreciate your kind words and concern. It’s really funny that you hate Royal Enfields so much that you use that as your user name. What’s the story behind that?

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