Kirkleatham classic bike show 2008

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A walk around Kirkleatham bike show, plenty of bikes there including a Honda 350 4cyl of which of which I have never seen before, the one on vid is in the car-park! as usual more good bikes in there than in the show !! I have not added any sound track but hope you enjoy the movie anyway. At the end of the vid is the church of St Cuthberts, I have always been intrigued by the skulls and crossbones on the gates so thought they where worth adding.

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  1. teenagetrails

    18 augustus, 2010 at 0:00

    what is that bike at 1:46, and is it street legal?

  2. lunmad

    18 augustus, 2010 at 0:01

    Hi pj3 yup! there where some beauties, It was a shame there was not a little more room in the line ups, most just a bit to close together to get good pics. That beemer 5.10 was quite a monster with the “Telelever” suspension.
    I liked the Jawa single at 2.23 the motors are commonly used for speedway (flattrack?) racing over here.
    :-O you didn’t like the Velo!!!
    neither did I 🙂 (cos its not! mine) OOoo luverly bit of kit.
    Snatch and the Bonnie stayed at home on the day 🙁

  3. pj3atcencol

    18 augustus, 2010 at 0:57

    A huge variety there, eh? Don’t some of the newer bikes look ugly – like the Beemer around 5.10. ‘Course – I don’t think much of the looks of the Velo at 5.29, either.. 🙂 Did you show the Bonnie? Did you take Snatch?

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